Data inspiring success

Whenever we help a business to put data to work, we start with the question ‘what will inspire success?’.

Below are some recent ‘wow’ factors that opened up new possibilities and aspirations.

Crowd of people

How to travel – and stay safe

Network Rail in the UK wanted to count the people travelling through London stations each day.  So we captured data from cameras to tell the story.   When the City opened up after pandemic lock-down they had the numbers with which to plan  – for people to travel when they wanted, while remaining as safe as possible.

Delicatessen owner

Getting back to the High Street

A delicatessen on the High Street wanted to get up to speed quickly, following the Covid lockdown.  Footfall counts showed where returning shoppers were walking, and when.  Train and bus passenger counts were added to the tally.  Pop up and social media advertising could therefore be planned to be at the right time and place.

Truck driver

Increasing safety in transport

A transport company wanted to encourage driving that was safer, used less fuel, and reduced wear and tear.  So we captured data from every vehicle, minute by minute, that indicated how it was driven.  From this, and other data we collected, we developed performance scores that allowed drivers to be rewarded for good driving.

Roof garden

Reducing the carbon footprint

A maker of roof gardens wanted to show the full value of their product.  A hackathon was set up to capture the insulating properties and potential impact on the environment from a section of roof.  We designed the data capture required.  The data showed emphatically that roof gardens have the potential to make a massive impact on carbon footprints within a town or city.

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