Data is about Teamwork

When we have the privilege of helping teams to work with data, Marmite comes to mind. This is the savoury
20 August 2021

Why FiguringOutData

Given what we do, the name of our company is easy to explain.  We help businesses to ‘figure out’
10 August 2021

A Smart Use of Mirrors

A company we served many years ago had an appearance problem.  They had encouraged staff to wear
3 August 2021

Data analysis skills gap ?

Data Strategy As part of the National Data Strategy, there’s a tremendous push underway by the UK
27 July 2021

Four data skills Logistics firms need today

Data skills are needed today to help solve an increasingly complex conundrum.  How to deliver
13 July 2021

Data strategy to deliver the budget

Data strategy is growing in importance in commercial businesses and within the public sector. An
4 July 2021
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