When we have the privilege of helping teams to work with data, Marmite comes to mind. This is the savoury yeast extract that is applied to toast, included in sandwiches, and finds its way into a myriad

Data Strategy As part of the National Data Strategy, there’s a tremendous push underway by the UK Government to develop data skills across UK industry and the Public Sector. For example, Department of Education digital bootcamps, Universities

Data skills are needed today to help solve an increasingly complex conundrum.  How to deliver excellent customer service, at a competitive cost, while reducing the carbon footprint and fulfilling all elements of the company’s Environment, Social and

I attended the Public Sector Executive PSE365 Festival for Learning and Development to learn more about the need for digital skills in the public sector and how the shortfall is to be addressed.   What I heard was

A great many organisations face an acute shortage of digital skills.  But it is hard to know what skills are needed.  For some, the most relevant might be relatively basic e.g. to navigate around a CRM system. 

Over the last few days several leading companies with e-commerce sites have said that e-commerce is here to stay.  The uptick in on-line sales that happened during lockdown is expected to remain. For on-line retailers this is