Finance, Operations & Asset performance - in one place

Finance, operations and asset information - all joined up

If a business wants to optimise operations, make best use of assets, and deploy people in ways that permit them to work most effectively, they will need information from across the business that is all joined up .


Running a business is like sailing a ship in shallow water with rocks just below the surface.  The rocks are areas where costs are too high, or assets are idle, or people are unable to work effectively.  When revenue is under pressure, it’s akin to the tide going out.  The ship will get stuck on the rocks.

To stay afloat the ship must know where the rocks are.  This means visualising operations, use of assets, and deployment of people in ways that allow you to address the right issues first and make decisions knowing the full impact that they will have across the business. 

The challenge

Some of the sets of information will be easy to see.  But they will sit in silos disconnected from each other.  Other sets of information may be hard to reach and difficult to understand.  Which means that the logic required to figure out how to change operations or the use of assets to lift profitability will be patchy or missing entirely – making it hard to know what to do and whether decisions made have delivered the right outcome.  

The Figuringoutdata solution can create a solution that collects data from across the business, from whatever data source, and displays everything you need in one place.

Performance visualised exactly to requirement

A logistics company wanted an overview of their whole fleet of vehicles.  Everything to do with use of vehicles, quality of driving, and impact upon costs.

Logistics dashboard summary

Income and costs related to performance

We provided a summary of cost and the direction of spend given the choice of team, period  and type of cost.

Logistics dashboard cost summary

Drill downs to see underlying drivers

Using filters and drill downs to divide costs up into their component parts they can identify the specific causes of high spend and low utilisation.

Logistics dashboard cost detail

Insight into what's working and what's not

They can visualise the underlying cost drivers to uncover the events, incidents and patterns of behaviour and the impact that each has on spend and risk to the business.

Logistics dashboard insights

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