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A Social Housing provider urgently needed to predict whether a resident was going to leave their home through distress. Once a resident had taken this step, they were at great risk of becoming homeless. With our support,

An Entrepreneur won Innovate UK funding to predict the flow of people travelling through London's main rail services. With our support, and using data from station cameras, he developed AI based flow predictions for Network Rail station

A delicatessen on the High Street wanted to get going following the Covid lockdown. With our support, they used footfall counts to show where returning shoppers were walking, and when.  Train and bus passenger counts were included. 

A transport company wanted to encourage driving that was safer, used less fuel, and reduced wear and tear. With our suport, they capture data from a wide range of sources to show where improvement is possible, and

A Digital Marketing agency wanted their campaigns to deliver more hits on client websites. With our support they used an AI algorithm to identify the combination of post themes, times and platforms that would do most to

A Charity that involves young people working with horses had to close during lockdown. With our support they used the time to turn historical records of support into data they could analyse. They emerged from lockdown knowing

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