How to Benefit from Your Greater Manchester Business Growth Scheme

If you are looking to use data to help your business to grow, then look no further.

SIGN UP for FREE workshops for Greater Manchester businesses called ‘How to grow your business using data’. 

These are delivered as part of the Executive Development Programme from the Business Growth Hub in Manchester, to help businesses across Greater Manchester to grow. 

The available dates for these workshops are found here.   To apply, see Next Steps below.

They are free thanks to funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership (GM LEP), and the Northern Powerhouse.

Why have workshops about using data?

Quite simply, the Business Growth Hub has surveyed businesses across the Greater Manchester area, as well as further afield, and discovered that one of the skills business leaders most want to acquire is in using data.

Businesses report having increasing amounts of data sitting around, most of it unused.  It’s being collected automatically by their digital systems e.g. their website, social media accounts, CRM and accounting programmes.  It’s also being collected manually using apps, spreadsheets, and databases where business leaders want to have a better record of everything going on.

Business leaders want to put this data to work to help grow their businesses.  The workshops show them what to do.

What is business growth and what is the role played by data?

For these workshops, business growth means increasing your funding or revenue and therefore your ability to employ more people.

Data helps to show how an increase in funding or revenue can be achieved e.g. by revealing where additional customers are to be found, and flagging when existing customers might be encouraged to spend more. 

It can also show how costs might be reduced e.g. by identifying ways to deliver services more efficiently, ensure people and equipment are in the right place at the right time, reduce the amount of space needed or waste material produced.

Why you should attend the workshops

Attend the workshops to discover how to use data to find opportunities to grow, using tools that you probably have in your business.

Having attended you should be able to:

  • Set a goal for using data to drive growth e.g. growth by reducing customer churn;
  • See how the data in your business can drive growth;
  • Build a roadmap that outlines what you will need to do, and the tools and skills required.
  • Identify any support you may need and where it can be found.

Next steps

SIGN UP NOW – for the workshops and to enrol in the Executive Development Programme (all free of charge).

To do this contact Paul Clarke at


T:  0333 301 0302

Or go to the page to find more information about the programme and workshops and an application form to complete.