Train your team in analytical skills to help become the best

logistics manager

Training purpose:

Logistics and Supply Chain businesses have to continually face the question ‘how to improve the way we deliver services – at less cost and less carbon footprint‘.

A large part of the answer will be found from data that you already hold, or that you are able to acquire. 

The best people to find the clues you need are those who know what they are looking for i.e. the people within your team who are already delivering your services today.

Our training course for Logistics businesses will quickly enhance your team’s ability to analyse data to find ways to deliver the best service possible.

It will also provide a solid foundation and a clear direction for further learning.

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What we do:

Deliver four on-line facilitated workshops during the day on analytical skills using data, supported by on-line resources (videos and articles). 

The four workshops will cover:

  • Understanding data
    What is data and what does the language around data mean?
    How data creates value.
    The key data sources within a Logistics business.
    The importance of a data strategy.
  • The four skills needed for data driven decision making
    Framing the right question.
    Creating a definition for the data that will point to the answer.
    Sourcing and combining datasets to yield the right answer.
    Interpreting outcomes and communicating options and choices.
  • Hands on ‘no code’ analytics
    Introduction to Microsoft PowerBI.
    Introduction to an analysis case study.
    Defining the case study outcomes.
    Perform all the steps from sourcing the data to publishing the results.
  • Analysis to become the best
    The need for the optimum way of working.
    Analytics to find the optimum.
    The tools to use.
    The gains to be realised.

Training outcomes:

  • A deeper understanding of the way in which analysis of data can reveal options and choices to inform decision making;
  • Experience of exercising the four skills needed for data-driven decision making;
  • Experience of ‘no code’ data analytics using Microsoft PowerBI;
  • An understanding of the way in which data can reveal options for route and network optimisation as well as cost and carbon reduction;
  • Colleagues energised and ready to hit the ground running when back in the workplace, able to continue the work started during the workshops.
Paul Clarke

Your Tutor:

Paul Clarke is a Director of and has extensive experience of providing data services to Supply Chain organisations and using data to direct optimisation initiatives.

This includes the optimisation of vehicle and warehousing operations for a UK Logistics company, the development of a platform used by Network Rail to understand and optimise the flow of people through station concourses. Also the development of a proof of concept for the Rail Safety Standards Board for optimising people flows to maximise numbers travelling whilst minimising their impact upon train punctuality.

Paul provides Professional Development training to Finance and Operations Managers through the BPP University in the area of financial forecasting and analytics. He has also published widely on the need for businesses to develop digital and data skills and has designed innovative training methods that quickly provide businesses with a solid foundation from which to build.

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