Bringing town centres back to life

Discovering how many people are already there

If a Borough or City Council wants to bring their town centres and shopping areas back to life they first need to know how many people are already there, where they go, and when.

Fulfilling their purpose

Councils are able to apply for funding such as the Future High Street Fund (FHSF) for support in regenerating their City Centres and High Streets.  They need to be able to spot where issues lie now in the way that City Centres work and then monitor the difference made by initiatives to get things moving again.

Counts taken today will provide a benchmark against which future footfall counts and visitor journeys will be compared.  They will provide an insight into the routes that visitors follow and the places where visitors spend the greatest amount of time. 

The challenge

Counts need to be highly accurate and span a complex mix of walkways, covered markets, and streets lined with outlets.  The Council will also want to know how counts are changing over time, and what the impact will be from better access, more parking, and easier transport links.

The figuringoutdata solution can create a solution that’s a little bit special.

Counts and benchmarks

Cameras catch everyone who cross lines at the entrance to the shopping centre.  WiFi device identities capture where people go and how often they go there.

Footfall portal

Trends and predictions

The data then provides deep insights into the flow of people over time and how it correlates with other events e.g. new parking spaces, changes to public transport routes, new residential properties.

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