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Salford Business Growth Scheme – How to use data analytics in business

The use of data is not an option for business leaders who want to drive growth. 

Data provides you with visibility – into your business and across your ecosystem of customers, suppliers and partners.  It provides answers to key questions and helps you to build a greater competitive edge.

And the more data you have access to, the clearer the big picture, and the more visible the opportunities for growth become.

There’s a FREE pair of workshops for Salford businesses called ‘How to grow your business using data’, provided by the Manchester Business Growth Hub, and delivered by us at 

We take a close look at each of the key levers that drive growth:

Your Suspects, Prospects and Conversions;

The number of items typically purchased, and the number of return visits and purchases;

And finally, the profit you make.

We show you how data can drive gains in each.

The first step is to lift the number of people who discover you (these are your Suspects).  This involves knowing who you are looking for, finding out how to reach them, and when the time is right, making them an offer – a classic use-case for data in business.

Those that respond become Prospects.  If they step into your physical store, then you will have the opportunity to sell to them in person. 

But, if they’re online, you will need to how they responded and the moment it happened (they may have clicked a link to find out more).  You will also want to know whether this is a first time or a return visit, and what prompted them to act – all vital data for converting them into paying customers – before they lose interest and go elsewhere.

And the more data you have about customer visits and purchasing habits the better able you will be to keep the right offers coming – through timely, relevant, and targeted follow-up messages – helping you to drive visit and purchasing habits in the right direction.

Bigger profits should follow, but you can’t take that for granted.  You need data to tell you whether you really are making money through all this activity – whether it’s across the board, or if it’s in some places but not others.

If you discover that profit is leaking, you need data to help fix it – and fast.

In our workshops we help you to put all of this into action.

You will have a plan for using data to drive your strategy and growth, having identified key elements of data you will need, and having experienced collecting, processing and analysing data so that you have first hand experience of what’s needed going forward.

Why is this specifically for Salford? Whenever we meet business leaders with the drive, passion and commitment needed for growth to happen, we want to do everything we can to help them.

Salford has some fabulous businesses, run by exactly the people we are looking for – business leaders who are itching to find ways to give their businesses an even greater edge.

If you are one of those people, these workshops are for you.

And what’s more, they’re FREE.

Check out the dates, check out the eligibility criteria – all HERE or through the ‘GC Growth Hub’ menu item at the top of the page – and get in touch now.

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