Having just what the customer needs

Satisfying customer demand

Business owners know what their customers want. But, because of the way they restock the shelves, many find it hard to supply it on time.

Fulfilling your purpose

Businesses with fast moving products face a choice.  Re-order less often in large quantities, or more often in smaller quantities.  Larger quantities will save you money but risk unsold stock if you mis-read what the customer needs.  Smaller quantities will cost more but the risk of customers going elsewhere is less.

The right choice for many is to re-stock little and often in response to their customers’ needs.  But this may well be thwarted by long re-order cycles and prices that encourage purchasing in bulk.  The right stock will eventually arrive but the customer will be long gone.

The challenge

For a business to respond in time to their customers’ needs they need to know what they want, and when.  They then need a fast and accurate response from those delivering the stock.

The Figuringoutdata solution

Figuringoutdata.com can create a solution that predicts what customers will want and ensures that new stock is there the moment it’s needed.

Automated data collection

Data from the Point of Sale system captures what has been purchased, when, and where.

Predicted stock levels

Remaining stock levels and rates of purchase allow for automated re-ordering.

Supply chain tuning

Delivery times are factored in so that new stock arrives exactly at the right moment.

Single point of information

Retail outlets and suppliers all have access to the same dashboard predicting when a re-order will happen and the amounts required.

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