The CBI Tech Tracker 2020 report (published Dec 2020) suggests that a divide is growing between businesses that are confident using data and those that are not. Those that are confident frequently use data to shape decisions,

There is little doubt that companies that have and know how to use data cope with adversity better than those that do not. A food outlet in Tamworth in the West Midlands discovered that, by using passenger

We have been looking at data from electric bikes - that are ridden by the Police. The benefits are what might be expected e.g. they use the car less - so it's cheaper and better for the

How much time do you spend copying & pasting information?   It’s worth measuring as activities such as these sit so centrally within the working day that we rarely think about the time they take. They can be

To celebrate the launch of the figuringoutdata blog, we are starting by defining what we mean by data. Taken in the context of business efficiency (as distinct from, say, mobile phone usage) data can be formed from