Visualising data for difficult decisions

With Data Visualisation training from your team will develop the skills needed for exploring and visualising data to discover insights and options that will inform difficult decisions.

Data visualisations on different devices

What our training involves

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    What our training involves

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    Course aim

    The aim of the course is to upskill your team in using and visualising data in order to explore issues and opportunities within your organisation.  This is to equip you and your team to compare and contrast items of data, and discover insights and relationships that make difficult choices easier to understand and resolve.

    During the course your team will take a real issue (or opportunity) and, using state-of-the-art tools, translate it into a compelling story told through data visualisation.  They will define and create examples of the data needed, and following a sequence of data analytics tasks, explore it for features, insights and relationships that will reveal decisions to be made.

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    Who will benefit

    The course is for any team performing a role in which they will want to use data to energise people around a common issue, shape thinking, reveal options and answer critical questions.

    It is also for teams who want to be confident with data, able to put it to work without needing new systems or a better infrastructure – simply making best use of what they already have.

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    Our standard course below is currently delivered on-line and takes place over two mornings (09:00 to 13:00).  However, we know that making time available for training can be challenging.  If these course timings cannot be accommodated, or if there is a specific training need to be addressed, we can work with you to adjust the course accordingly.


    In the week prior to the course we will ask delegates to undertake some preparatory work that will help them to get greatest value from the course.

    Day 1 (am) – Vision and design

    What we mean by data visualisation.

    What you want to achieve and the role that data visualisation will play.

    The challenge presented by numbers, why data visualisation is critical when bringing people together to explore the way things work and to agree options for change.

    Think like a ‘data journalist’ and experience their process for translating critical questions into a  ‘brief’ – which is then transformed into designs for images or infographics that will get straight to the heart of the answers.

    Guided by the designs, use off-the-shelf data visualisation tools (PowerBI & Tableau) to explore the data needed and experience the process for transforming data to bring the designs to life.

    Homework for Day 2 – exercises to consolidate learnings from the first day.

    Day 2 (am) – Integrity and effectiveness

    Review of homework

    The importance of critical thinking when identifying the data needed.

    Understanding the data – how to explore and describe data, assess its strengths and weaknesses, improve its quality.

    Unearthing findings from the data – how to identify features and relationships within data.

    Presenting data for visual impact – the do’s and don’ts of infographic and chart design, and how to use the best of the many chart libraries available.

    Perception, bias & tunnel vision – data visualisation is intended to shape understanding, perception and opinion –   establishing the boundary between valid influence and manipulation.

    The opportunities presented by interactive visualisations.

    Data visualisation to drive changes in ways of working e.g. digital transformation and automation.

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    Your tutors

    Paul Clarke

    Paul Clarke

    Richard Ashton

    Richard Ashton

    Paul Clarke and Richard Ashton are Directors of Ltd.  Between them they have many years of developing data visualisation and digital transformation solutions for commercial and public sector organisations, for example Network Rail, JLL, BUPA, and delivering public and in-house professional development training courses on behalf of professional bodies such as the BPP University and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Ltd is a registered supplier within the Digital Marketplace.

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    For a course structure similar to that above, delivered on-line, with delegate numbers limited to 15 we charge £2,500 plus VAT.

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      It will be kept securely in our MS Azure Cloud platform and be retained for only as long as required for the purpose outlined above.

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