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Business boosting Problem Solving

We at Figuringoutdata.com help people running businesses to use data to solve problems, overcome operational challenges, or to simply give their business a boost.
You may already be doing a great deal with data, using it to populate dashboards and metrics to understand how well different parts of the business are working, but are not seeing a sufficient return from your efforts.

  • You perhaps have a vision for information that could transform the way in which you operate but are unsure about what’s involved and how to move forward.
  • You could be facing a big opportunity, or a major problem, but lack the data and the technology to crack it – and you need help fast.
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Whatever your circumstances and no matter how big or small the challenges or opportunities that you are facing, we will be able to help.

We come from a business background, with long years of consulting and putting data to work to drive real operational improvement.  We therefore know how important it is to understand what the return on investment in technology will be before you spend any money.

This means having absolute clarity about the question to be answered or the problem to be solved before taking any steps forward.  It’s easy to go down a number of paths e.g. towards purchasing new technology, before it is clear what changes it will bring and the consequences that it might have for the running of the business.

Our experience  A fresh approach

Our Methods Why and how

A number of things shape what we do, all borne from deep experience of running and improving businesses:

  • Your business is unique. Our services must therefore be tailored to exactly fit your needs.  Technology and the use of data must fit your business rather than the business have to adapt to fit the technology.  No two solutions will therefore be the same.
  • That said, we will almost certainly be able to identify with the challenges and opportunities that you are facing, because the chances are that we have been there ourselves.
  • We are not wedded to any technology or to the need to build something if it’s not required. The best way for us to help might be to simply point you in the right direction.  On the other hand, we have built extensive solutions for clients incorporating a range of cutting edge technologies and methods.  Having first worked with you to figure out exactly what you need, if a system does need to be developed, we will have all the expertise that you require.
  • And, to be sure that we understand what’s needed, and to ensure that you know what we are talking about, we make sure that all the jargon that litters the world of data and technology is decoded into plain english. We move forward only when everything is clear.

We look forward to working with you.

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