Who we are

Paul Clarke

Paul Clarke

Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clarke

Richard Ashton

Richard Ashton

Our mission

We started Figuringoutdata.com to help businesses create breakthroughs using data. 

Between the three founders we have decades of consulting experience, across a wide variety of organisations, training staff and using data and technology to transform businesses.

We saw first hand the difference that data can make.  It can uplift the confidence that people have in the business, the scale of their ambitions, their belief in their ability to find new prospects and grow new opportunities.

But data can be challenging and it’s good to have help.


We start by looking for the place where the ‘wow’ factor is likely to be found, and showing you how it can be delivered through data.

We put the data to work, using the tools and applications in place wherever possible.  If needed, we build a dedicated platform to fill any gaps.

We also offer a training and support programme that jump starts and energises teams to work confidently with data in a very short period of time.

Support takes whatever form is needed.  It might be mentoring for individuals, delivery of something technical, or working with the data itself.

How can we help?


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