Paul Clarke


Sarah Clarke


Richard Ashton


How we started

We started in 2019.  However, between the three founders, Paul, Sarah and Richard, we have decades of experience in working with a wide variety of organisations, training staff and using data and technology to transform businesses – towards growth, greater profit, excellence in service delivery.

We often saw the difficulty that teams experienced knowing where to start with their data and how to get intelligence from it.  The barriers that they experienced could sometimes appear insurmountable and leave confidence at a low ebb.  Barriers such as:

Data in poor shape, lack of skills, incomprehensible technical language, inadequate tools for the job


We could see that there was a need to bridge the gap to make it easier for businesses to communicate with their data.  We set up to share our experience and skills to help a range of businesses large and small to jump start growth by using insight and intelligence contained within their data.

Our job is to demonstrate that success is much closer to hand than it might appear. If needed, it is to equip you with the belief that you can get there (as well as the right skills and tools), and to guide you through the steps to success.

How we work

Before we go anywhere near data and technology we look at how your business operates, what the critical questions are that you want answered, why they matter, how best to answer them, and how best to translate answers into action.

The plan that we then develop with you involves demonstrating what’s possible, building confidence in your data, equipping you with the skills, tools and technology that you need, and steering you to a great outcome.


We do our best to speak in plain english at all times and keep the use of jargon and techno-speak to an absolute minimum.  We also look for ways to make the very best use of the systems and technology that you already have.  The focus needs to be on getting answers to critical questions, not on grappling with new technology.

With that said, we will recommend technology if it makes the job easier to achieve e.g. databases that provide a single source for all the data, data visualisation tools that leave Microsoft Excel standing in terms of power of exploration and display, possibly specialist applications that answer specific questions e.g. about the optimum deployment of assets or people.


Technology however is only a means to an end.  The most important part of what we do involves training your team in communicating with data.  Without the ability to use data to influence opinion, inform decisions and galvanise action to get things done, its value is limited.

We therefore train you to excel in using data to capture the hearts and minds of those in and around your business who you want to have with you when transforming your business.


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