Data confidence is achieved when your people are able to use data to improve business performance, and your systems deliver data in which you have confidence.

We provide training in the data skills needed, and we develop your systems to deliver the data that you require.

We deliver training courses for businesses that develop your team’s ability to use and communicate with data.

The objective is to equip the team to use data to advance business opportunities, optimise operations, and solve problems.

The skills learned are in business data analytics and data visualisation – all within the context of the team’s role.  Find out more 

We also develop your systems to deliver data about the business that your team can trust and use.

The objective is to develop data that allows business analytics and data visualisation to be as easy as possible – whilst being secure and within a comprehensive governance framework.

We will create a single source for all the data your team requires – and perform a data governance and quality audit to highlight ways to improve data integrity and trustworthiness.  Find out more 

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Examples of data confident organisations

Bringing a town centre back to life

Connecting scientists with ideas

Getting control over costs

Keeping vulnerable people safe

Having what the customer needs

Getting customer service right

Underpinning everything we do

Learning & development to build data confidence

More organisations we have helped

We have been working with FiguringOutData for around 9 months now.
During this period, they have taken time to understand our complex data integration requirements and build our solution from the ground up.

It is clear they have a passion and appetite to help business of all shapes, sizes and industries with the challenges they face with storing, managing and understanding their data. Their desire to understand our unique challenges has meant the right questions have been asked at the right time.

Their direct and structured approach to development has been a joy to work with and really catalysed the production of our solution. As a team they offer a formidable set of skills. Confident from day 1 FiguringOutData are not only the right technical partner for RoadWise but also the right personalities to work with our business.

Ben Peters, Managing Director, Roadwise UK

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