Boosting Student Recruitment

The role of the University Marketing Funnel is to attract as many Propects to the University as possible, and then persuade them to apply to study, accept an offer and enrol.

At each stage in the funnel it is essential that as many Applicants as possible progress to the next stage.  But each stage is different.  Channels and methods designed to convert Prospects into Applicants may therefore not work well further along the funnel.

At we use data to identify which channels and methods work best at each stage in the University Marketing Funnel.

As a leader in Marketing and Student Admissions, you will want to understand the full story about each stage in the University Marketing Funnel. 

This means having an Econometric Model that gives you visibility of each stage in terms of the budgets needed to achieve specific recruitment targets and ways to optimise resources for the best possible performance and return on investment.

You will also be able to illustrate, to everyone involved in Marketing, how important their work is.  They will know the impact that every Blog and Post has upon its intended audience, and the value that each brings.

To discover more about how we boost the performance of the University Marketing Funnel read our Blog about one particular UK University.

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