Data Skills & Learning

For businesses to make effective use of data on a sustainable and on-going basis it is essential that the people in the business develop data skills. This means, for example, having those who work at the heart of service delivery, or in the Human Resources Team, or is Customer Relations and Marketing becoming confident and accomplished users of data.
This is to ensure that those with knowledge of the business can apply their subject matter expertise to the use of data in the most effective way. It means that those who know what questions need to be answered for the business to move forward can put data to work to find the answers.

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Developing Data Skills & Learning Opportunities

We therefore provide those in the business with a range of learning opportunities, which include:

Using data to shape strategy

Using data to make what is happening visible, define strategy choices and answer critical strategic questions

Tracking and analysing cost

Understanding costs and the value they add, and zero basing costs to deliver the greatest possible value

Visualising data

Using the world's foremost data visualisation application to deliver insights and shape decisions.

Starting out with data

Defining what data is and showing how to make a start using data to shine a light on the business.

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