Using Data to drive decisions in Logistics

Logistics businesses operate in a demanding environment- one of rapid change, rising customer expectations, cost pressures, and risks to the well-being of people in an increasingly complex and stressful industry.

Those who use data analytics in logistics,  discover they have an edge.

You get a single source of information – which means everyone works to the same goals.  You have greater visibility of the business when strategic planning around major change such as carbon reduction and the switch to EVs. You see where cost efficiencies gains lie.  You know which customer contracts are delivering the greatest value.  You set contract and spot rates confident about margins.

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What you can do and the benefits you will get


Data to find Cost efficiencies

By tracking and modelling costs, everyone has a much clearer understanding of the cost drivers in the business. This gives people the confidence to seek efficiencies and challenge ways of working using the evidence that data provides.

The single view of the organisation helps everyone to work towards the best interests of the business. Planning, budgeting and forecasting become quicker, and increasingly effective at ensuring the business achieves its strategic goals.

Data to keep agile

Working in a highly pressurised environment, logistic firms need to be able to respond quickly to change. With access to our bespoke data dashboards, all parts of the business can see from live performance metrics the impact of unforeseen change such as supply chain disruption. They can also use the data to model options in response.

Data analytics can also help logistics businesses plan for anticipated change e.g. in relation to EV & Carbon emissions, compliance and legislation.


Data to aid Staff wellbeing

Given the complex and stressful nature of the Logistics industry it is essential to track the well-being of the people in the business. The ability to use data to monitor and respond to changes in well-being puts the business in a better position to retain their people, provide support, reduce staff change, and reduce the cost and time required for recruitment.

Data can also help predict when changes in well-being can be expected so that you have early warning of increased pressures on drivers and staff, giving you the opportunity to respond.

Data to support ESG commitments

Your business will want to constantly improve and demonstrate its ESG performance. This means looking for ways to continually optimise the areas of the business that have the greatest impact upon the ESG metrics.

The data in your business provides an opportunity for you to showcase your ESG credentials to customers and legislators. It can also be used to build flexibility into the way that your business operates that will further improve ESG performance. E.g. by enabling an on-going dialogue across a supply chain, and with customers, to find the best way to deliver services and recognise your ESG commitment.

How Can Our Data Analytics Strategy Help Logistics Businesses

We work with you to explore your requirements for data.  E.g. the ability to resolve key issues or shape critical decisions – or to track metrics, performance measures and goals so that everyone understands what they need to do to drive the business forward.

We develop dashboards and analytical tools for the insights that you require – ensuring that everyone can see critical information quickly and easily.

We design your dashboards and analytical tools to be flexible and adaptable so that they always keep pace with changing demands.

We work unobtrusively and in the most efficient way so that your focus can remain on running the business.

We leave with your people always able to access the information they need, and confident at using data to support their roles and drive the business forwards towards its goals.

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