Finding the Client story in Professional Services

At FiguringOutData we bring your data together so that you can see exactly how profitable your clients are, putting you in control of your costs and resources. In this video Paul Clarke describes how we create bespoke applications in Power BI to bring Professional Services the visibility they need. 

For a leader in a Professional Services Company such as a Digital Marketing Agency or Business Advisory Service, you will want to understand the full story about each of your Clients. 

This means having visibility of Profitability, Revenue and Costs and being able to drill quickly into billing, expense and time records to see what’s happening, where things stand with the budget, and who is doing what.

However, for many practices, this is not straightforward.  Everything you need is stored in separate and independent systems.  You may have an Accounting application for invoicing, a time recording application for project hours, and a spreadsheet for expenses.  You can can put the Client story together – but it’s going to take time.

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We provide Professional Service Companies with the visibility they need through the use of Microsoft’s Power BI.

We bring records from different applications into one set of data, and provide the visibility and drill-down facilities you need.

  • You have the complete, up-to-date story about your Clients whenever you need it.
  • No changes to your current systems are needed.
  • It’s all automated.
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