Train your team in data analytics skills

Data confident people

Training in using and visualising data:

  • To quickly equip your teams to discover insights and relationships within data that reveal options and simplify decisions;
  • Provide your team with a bedrock of highly relevant skills and experience upon which to base further learning;
  • Introduce them to the power and flexibility of the Microsoft Office and Azure Cloud platforms.

Aimed at teams wanting to make best use of data:

  • To energise people around a common issue, shape thinking, reveal options and answer critical questions;
  • Without needing significant investment in new systems or a better infrastructure – simply make best use of what they already have and what’s within easy reach.

Train with a real challenge from your organisation:

  • To experience translating a real problem into a ‘use-case’ for data and then into the structures needed for data to reveal the way forward;
  • Hit the ground running when back in the workplace, able to continue the work started during the course.

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    Build your Data Strategy

    analysis training workshop

    Build a Data Strategy framework to drive the key planning processes:

    • To forecast and set goals for 3 and 5 year financial plans;
    • Build value and targets into the Budget;
    • Deliver improvement within Six Sigma and Quality Management frameworks;
    • Respond to everyday demands for options and decisions.

    Develop the key ‘use-cases’ for data:

    • To agree the questions about the organisation of greatest importance;
    • Translate questions into definitions for data that will deliver the answers;
    • Maintain tight control over time and cost working with data.

    Plan for the right skills and technology:

    • To ensure the right skills are developed;
    • Best use is made of existing technology;
    • Investment in new technology matches requirement exactly.

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      Develop a platform for data you can trust

      Platform for data you can trust

      Access the data needed within a single platform:

      • To provide teams with a ‘one stop shop’ for critical data based upon the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform and Microsoft 365 applications;
      • Enable cross departmental working with the same data;
      • Create access to critical data for all teams across the organisation.

      Build governance and quality protocols into the platform:

      • To deliver data of the right quality to the people who need to use it;
      • Minimise opportunities for privacy breaches;
      • Balance understanding of the value data brings with an understanding of risks.

      Provide teams with ‘low code’ and ‘no code’ tools:

      • To give people who know the business the tools to unlock value;
      • Speed up delivery of analysis, options, and support for decisions; 
      • Embed use of data into ‘business as usual’ across the organisation.

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