Top 5 AI And Data Trends in 2024 And How They Can Transform Your Business

Artificial intelligence and Big Data have been ruling the tech charts for the past several years. With the
14 February 2024

Intent Data And Ways To Effectively Use It For Your Business

If there is one superpower that every business wishes it had, it’s the power to read its customers’
6 February 2024

Stay focused on Value and Business Intelligence

There is much excitement about the benefits of AI for business.  However, to make the best use of AI
22 January 2024

Predictive analytics and the use of Ai in business

“What happens next?”  It’s a question that besets every business.  While no person, tool, or
24 August 2023

The power of the short data demo

In a talk about visualising data, a short data demo made a world of difference. The question came from a
27 July 2023

The Future of Analytics – A Beginner’s Guide To Google Analytics 4

New interface, tag template, terminology, data model, configuration options, and more – Google Analytics
6 July 2023
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