How a business can use data to grow

Businesses typically take time to grow.  The great majority grow through incremental gains – perhaps
15 September 2022

How a business can make a start with data

If you are a business owner who would like to do more with data but are unsure where to start, this blog
17 August 2022

Bolton FM – Growth Hub calling

Having just signed off from a great interview on Bolton FM radio I thought I would make a note of the
8 August 2022

Bristol Workforce for the Future Program – data to drive strategy

It was a massive privilege to be in a room of business leaders talking animatedly about possible uses of
27 July 2022

How to use data analytics in business

What do we mean by data and analytics? Every business has data.  It is simply the record of events that
24 May 2022

AI for success – the Digital Marketer

Data and AI help to make money for a business by showing what’s going on, and then explaining what to do
5 March 2022
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