Econometrics & How It is Beneficial To Businesses

In this age of big data, companies have tons of data to collect, analyse, and understand to gain deeper
15 March 2023

Vehicle Fleet Costs #1

We provide data analytics services .. to a leading transport and logistics group in the UK – one that
15 February 2023

Tracking & Analysing Costs

Understanding & challenging costs is more important more than ever. Businesses have data that can
6 February 2023

How do we find new customers?

What is the top question that business leaders ask when trading conditions become difficult? It’s ‘how
10 November 2022

Working with The Manchester Growth Hub

A great number of business leaders want to use data to help their businesses to flourish.  This is
26 September 2022

How a business can use data to grow

Businesses typically take time to grow.  The great majority grow through incremental gains – perhaps
15 September 2022
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