Month: May 2021

Dashboard tunnel vision

The return to work post lockdown presents us with a great opportunity to rethink how we want to work with information. This is because we are being released from many of the conformities that have guided our working lives so far. For example, our organisations are going to feel different – thanks to the greater …

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Data visualisation for digital transformation

Successful digital transformations depend on several factors e.g. alignment of the transformation objectives with strategic goals, leadership, and the quality of the work performed. This article focuses upon perhaps the most important – people in the business owning the transformation process.  This means that the people responsible for the services involved should set the transformation …

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The value an energised team can bring

Across business and public service there are people developing information to help their organisation to move forward.  Many however struggle to make any difference.  For one particular Finance Team this was a source of great frustration.  They wanted to be the ‘go to’ team for great information about the business – but realised that, unless …

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