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It was a massive privilege to be in a room of business leaders talking animatedly about possible uses of data.  And it was a huge honour to be told afterwards that the day had been ‘inspiring’. I

Data skills are needed today to help solve an increasingly complex conundrum.  How to deliver excellent customer service, at a competitive cost, while reducing the carbon footprint and fulfilling all elements of the company’s Environment, Social and

Data strategy is growing in importance in commercial businesses and within the public sector. An increasing number of organisations recognise that data is a core asset that has the potential to unlock significant amounts of value.  A

A data strategy defines how an organisation will use data to achieve its objectives. It also describes all the data related activities that need to take place for this to be possible. Within some business sectors, e.g.

I attended the Public Sector Executive PSE365 Festival for Learning and Development to learn more about the need for digital skills in the public sector and how the shortfall is to be addressed.   What I heard was

A great many organisations face an acute shortage of digital skills.  But it is hard to know what skills are needed.  For some, the most relevant might be relatively basic e.g. to navigate around a CRM system.