Having just signed off from a great interview on Bolton FM radio I thought I would make a note of the questions asked – as they captured exactly the sort of questions that business leaders from the

It was a massive privilege to be in a room of business leaders talking animatedly about possible uses of data.  And it was a huge honour to be told afterwards that the day had been ‘inspiring’. I

The use of data is not an option for business leaders who want to drive growth.  Data provides you with visibility - into your business and across your ecosystem of customers, suppliers and partners.  It provides answers

Business Leaders who use data are more likely to grow their businesses than those who don’t.  This is because it provides you with visibility - into and beyond your business - and helps to provide answers to

If you are looking to use data to help your business to grow, then look no further. SIGN UP for FREE workshops for Greater Manchester businesses called ‘How to grow your business using data’.  These are delivered

FREE workshops are available for businesses in the Greater Manchester area.  They are called ‘How to grow your business using data’, and are delivered as part of the Executive Development Programme from the Business Growth Hub in

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