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What is the top question that business leaders ask when trading conditions become difficult? It’s ‘how do we find new customers?’ This was confirmed at a seminar for business leaders at the Bristol Business School here in

A great number of business leaders want to use data to help their businesses to flourish.  This is because those who do often do well: 'Businesses that use data to inform decisions are 23 times more likely

When we have the privilege of helping teams to work with data, Marmite comes to mind. This is the savoury yeast extract that is applied to toast, included in sandwiches, and finds its way into a myriad

Given what we do, the name of our company is easy to explain.  We help businesses to ‘figure out’ their data – how to put their data to work to help the business grow.  This takes about

A company we served many years ago had an appearance problem.  They had encouraged staff to wear casual dress to the office whenever circumstances permitted (e.g. no client meetings).  But it wasn’t long before ‘casual’ became ‘barely

Data Strategy As part of the National Data Strategy, there’s a tremendous push underway by the UK Government to develop data skills across UK industry and the Public Sector. For example, Department of Education digital bootcamps, Universities