Data and AI help to make money for a business by showing what’s going on, and then explaining what to do next. Google Maps is a good example.  Google uses its data to show you the journey

Aims and benefits Within this case study Paul Clarke from describes how data was used to find people who needed help, even though they had disappeared from sight, leaving few traces behind them. The people were

Aims and benefits This is a case study about excitement at new possibilities, thanks to information generated by a small amount of data. It relates to a company that installs roof gardens.  These are created by covering

Aims and benefits This is a case study about a delicatessen outlet in the West Midlands area of the UK that roared back into life after the Covid lockdown period, thanks to their astute use of data.

Aims and benefits This is a case study about a transport company that successfully reduced its insurance premiums and claims and also delivered sustainable change through the use of data. was commissioned to build a digital

Data skills are needed today to help solve an increasingly complex conundrum.  How to deliver excellent customer service, at a competitive cost, while reducing the carbon footprint and fulfilling all elements of the company’s Environment, Social and

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