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Aims and benefits This is a case study about a delicatessen outlet in the West Midlands area of the UK that roared back into life after the Covid lockdown period, thanks to their astute use of data.

Aims and benefits This is a case study about a transport company that successfully reduced its insurance premiums and claims and also delivered sustainable change through the use of data. FiguringOutData.com was commissioned to build a digital

Given what we do, the name of our company is easy to explain.  We help businesses to ‘figure out’ their data – how to put their data to work to help the business grow.  This takes about

A company we served many years ago had an appearance problem.  They had encouraged staff to wear casual dress to the office whenever circumstances permitted (e.g. no client meetings).  But it wasn’t long before ‘casual’ became ‘barely

Successful digital transformations depend on several factors e.g. alignment of the transformation objectives with strategic goals, leadership, and the quality of the work performed. This article focuses upon perhaps the most important – people in the business

There is little doubt that companies that have and know how to use data cope with adversity better than those that do not. A food outlet in Tamworth in the West Midlands discovered that, by using passenger

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