Data and AI help to make money for a business by showing what’s going on, and then explaining what to do next. Google Maps is a good example.  Google uses its data to show you the journey

The return to work post lockdown presents us with a great opportunity to rethink how we want to work with information. This is because we are being released from many of the conformities that have guided our

Successful digital transformations depend on several factors e.g. alignment of the transformation objectives with strategic goals, leadership, and the quality of the work performed. This article focuses upon perhaps the most important – people in the business

As Earth Day arrives more businesses are working towards greater levels of sustainability than ever before.  The Green Business Bureau ( has some good advice for those businesses wanting to push on down the sustainability path.  Set

The CBI Tech Tracker 2020 report (published Dec 2020) suggests that a divide is growing between businesses that are confident using data and those that are not. Those that are confident frequently use data to shape decisions,

There is little doubt that companies that have and know how to use data cope with adversity better than those that do not. A food outlet in Tamworth in the West Midlands discovered that, by using passenger

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