What is the top question that business leaders ask when trading conditions become difficult? It’s ‘how do we find new customers?’ This was confirmed at a seminar for business leaders at the Bristol Business School here in

A great number of business leaders want to use data to help their businesses to flourish.  This is because those who do often do well: 'Businesses that use data to inform decisions are 23 times more likely

Businesses typically take time to grow.  The great majority grow through incremental gains – perhaps through referrals to new potential customers, success with a tender, sheer perseverance attending conferences and trade shows which eventually yield new contacts.

If you are a business owner who would like to do more with data but are unsure where to start, this blog is for you. Start with what you know This is the first blog in a

Having just signed off from a great interview on Bolton FM radio I thought I would make a note of the questions asked – as they captured exactly the sort of questions that business leaders from the

The use of data is not an option for business leaders who want to drive growth.  Data provides you with visibility - into your business and across your ecosystem of customers, suppliers and partners.  It provides answers

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